2017 Beers to Try

As the great American beer Renaissance enters another year, it is the perfect time to survey the field for new entries to add to the bucket list. This year is going to be a good one, with heavy hitters like New Belgium, Left Hand and Founders already announcing new brews for us all to enjoy. So as you are setting goals for the New Year, don’t forget the most important goal of all: try some deliciou...



12 Reasons to Visit the U.P. of Michigan

Two lane coastal highways. Flourishing colors of the trees. Endless trails of powdery snow. This is the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This land isn’t just for people who love the cold; year round, the UP provides an outdoorsman a multitude of activities and attractions to add to their bucket list. The UP is arguably some of the most beautiful country in the United States which you can’t understand until...


A Personal Experience at Jackson Hole

­­­­If you're looking for chill groomers, long lift lines, grainy man-made snow and two minute runs, go ride in Iowa. If you want to ride thigh-deep powder, cut buttery powder turns through woods that feel like back country without dying in an avalanche, up your ManScore and take in some of the best vistas you will ever see; ride Jackson Hole. 


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A Film for Every Day of the Week

When it comes to movies, guys are typically easy to please. The formula has always been simple: high paced action, cars and lots and lots of explosions. Though in recent years, Hollywood has given men a lot more credit by providing us with entertaining movies that are actually good and not just trite, cliché ridden nonsense. 2016 was no different and the following are ManScore’s top 7. While debatable,...


10 Adrenaline-Pumping Reasons to Visit Queenstown

If your bucket list includes falling from the sky, a trip to Queenstown should be on there too. The undisputed adventure capital of the world, Queenstown is a little lakeside resort town nestled in the mountains of New Zealand’s south island and offers some extreme activities that you can’t find anywhere else. As an added bonus, the bustling, backpacker-run night life is kicking Monday through Sunday.


The Top 10 Scariest Films in Cinema History

Real men seek out terror and stare it straight in the eye. Okay, so you probably don’t have to go wrestle a bear. A nice horror movie should keep those injuries entirely mental, which will save a lot of money on medical bills. Besides, it isn’t like you are going to talk about those deep-seated insecurities. Instead, man up and view one of these top-tier horror films. These achievements should...


5 of the Wildest Parties in the World

Fire, mind altering substances and enough people in one area to stage a national coup. These are the ingredients for the some of the most insane parties on earth. Every entry on this list is special or kickass in its own way, guaranteeing that each one sits on someone’s bucket list. However, before all you nice people book it to these wonderful slices of what-the-f**k, make sure to bring bail and Band-Aids.


10 Places to Surf Before You Die

We know the world isn’t perfect. Potholes in the road, a zit on your girlfriend’s chin. It happens and we deal with it. But for surfers, perfection is worth hunting down and killing for. But that perfect ride is pretty elusive when your local beach break is cluttered with posers who think that dropping in is cool as long as they’re the ones doing the dropping in. You can leave the kooks behind at...


7 Spirits That Should Never Be Passed Up

We live in an age where whiskey is widely considered the king of spirits, and those who know their whiskey are hailed as gods among drinkers. Changes in federal regulations have opened doors for countless new distilleries but few can compete with the long established favorites who have earned worldwide celebration, and with it, rarity. While these may not be the most expensive spirits in the world, they fo...


5 Jaw-Dropping Bucket List Burgers

A juicy, mouthwatering burger represents a must-add to any bucket list. However, just about every burger joint claims its burger is the best – something that may or may not be true. So how can you find the cream of the crop, aka the best burgers available, to add to your bucket list? Fortunately, we're here to help – here's a closer look at five jaw-dropping bucket list burgers you need to try...


The Loudest Places to Party

ManScore and NASCAR go together like biscuits and gravy! If you want to rack up some man points out on the circuit this season, we have some fan favorites to guide you. With over 20 tracks to choose, a top five list can be a bit subjective. A sampling of over 75 million NASCAR fans has ranked these 5 tracks near the top. Whether you seek track performance and speed or location, history and tradition, the...


Must Attend Motorcycle Festivals

The days are starting to get longer and temperatures are becoming warmer. What this means is that the seasons will initiate change, and that brings a whole number of things with it. One of them is motorcycle season. For a few die-hards it never ended. For the rest of us it's time to get a head start on some much needed bike maintenance and start planning for this year’s upcoming events! There are five that st...


Spotlight on Perry Farrell

Were it not for a sore throat, the Alternative Nation might have never been born.


The night before a scheduled gig at Glastonbury Festival in 1990, Los Angeles Art-Metal provocateurs Janes Addiction warmed up by playing a club gig. The next morning, lead singer Perry Farrell woke up to discover his voice was gone, and with it, the bands festival debut.


But instead of po...

The average American only gains one pound during the holiday season. That same American likely suffers from lower levels of energy and higher levels of food guilt. Additionally, he is probably annoying the crap out of everyone by whining about how fat he became over the holidays. The Christmas season is over and so are the high calorie feasts and seemingly endless amounts of alcohol. It is now time to start the rec...

By 1980, New Jersey native Bruce Springsteen had already done the singer/songwriter thing (his first two albums), bombast (“Born To Run”) and youthful angst (“Darkness On The Edge of Town”). He was entering his 30’s and his focus was shifting to narrative themes that were befitting of that kind of life milestone. The resulting document-“The River”-was a double album, magnum...