Hey Ohio State fans, fight us. The University of Michigan (yes, “The”) is the #1 College Football school in the country and we challenge anyone to debate this fact. Sure, Notre Dame is cool, but if you really want to know what it’s like to consistently win football games, you go to Ann Arbor. From the stadium, to the fight song, to the college life and incredible campus, there’s simply nowhere better.

They Win…A Lot
With an all-time record of 935-334 (As of October 5, 2017), Michigan is the winningest team in Division I football history. The Wolverines have 11 national titles, 42 conference championships, 115 winning seasons (most of any program), 12 undefeated seasons, and the longest streak of games without being shut out at 365. The school has 4 main rivals (Ohio State, Michigan State, Minnesota and Notre Dame) and they hold a winning advantage over each. You could say that winning is almost habitual in Ann Arbor. Michigan is unequivocally the top football team in the nation and one that every man should see live at least once in their lifetime.

That Stadium and the Fans
Michigan Stadium, or “The Big House”, provides a stadium experience unlike any other you’ll have in the NCAA. Every single game 100,000+ fans and students pack themselves into the seats to watch their ultimate team battle it out on the gridiron. In fact, since 1975 there hasn’t been a crowd less than 100,000. To put that into perspective, the NFL averages about 30,000 less people at each of its games. With $226 million worth of renovations and upgrades in 2010, the stadium is now state-of-the-art with big suites and LED screens stretching 47 feet in the air. It is truly an unforgettable experience at every Michigan game here.

The Fight Song
Iconic, timeless and automatically recognizable country-wide, “The Victors” is the first and top fight song ever written. Following a last-minute win to clinch the Western Conference in 1898, student Louis Elbel composed the song, stating the event should be “dignified by something more elevating for this was no ordinary victory.” The rest, they say, is history. Even President Gerald Ford knew how grand the song was, having it played at his Inauguration and ultimately his funeral so that he “could hear it just one more time.”

Ann Arbor is the Best College Town
The top football school would not be complete without the best college town to accompany it. Ann Arbor is breathtaking, an escape from the usual big urban college environments and you’ll instantly feel the strong connection between the town and its football team the moment you drive in. Full of museums, vast cultural hot spots, arboretums and more, you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy your stay here. Not to mention, the college bar and food scene is insanely fun—check out Good Time Charley’s, Rick’s or the Brown Jug and then try Zingerman’s Deli. Obama did.

The Campus and Students
Okay, so we’ve established that the Wolverines win a lot, have a ridiculous stadium, the perfect fight song and an adjoining town that can’t be beat. But, let us not forget that to be the best college football school, you must have, well, a top tier college. The University of Michigan always finds itself at the top of the list of U.S. schools, and boasts an endless list of famous and successful alumni. Let’s just say you have to be the best of the best to go to this university, let alone play football for it. Do yourself a favor and go visit this campus; it’s magical (I mean, the law quad is like a mini-Hogwarts!).

So, there you have it. The University of Michigan is the best college football school there is. Bet you wish you had filled out that enrollment application, huh?

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