“America’s Past Time"—yes, of course college football. There is no greater display of school spirit like what happens on Saturdays in fall. For a day, we get up, put on our go-to t-shirt, drink beers at breakfast and feel like we’re still in college.

Here are a few of our favorite college towns and the watering holes where you can throw back beers like the old days–the days when you were known as “Hank the Tank.”

Potbelly’s | Tallahassee, Florida
This longtime Tallahassee institution offers both an indoor and outdoor experience. No doubt, to sit on the front deck on the Friday of a big game weekend is one of the great experiences anywhere. Beers are almost free—now whether or not they’re ice cold is suspect. After twelve, they all taste good. Put on the garnet and gold, scream “Go Noles” and have a good time.

Duffy’s Tavern | Lincoln, Nebraska
“Gooooo Biggggg Reddddd! Go Big Red!” One of the great college football experiences anywhere is in Lincoln. Did you know that Memorial Stadium is Nebraska’s third largest city when the Huskers play home games? This sports bar is one of their best—cold beer with a friendly smile.

The Dark Horse Saloon | Boulder, Colorado
You know those bars that have a lot of stuff on the walls? This is one of those. Good ol’ CO and their liberal lifestyle ways are on full display at this legendary spot for Buffs fans. Admissions requests are surging in recent years—coincidently around the same time the state legalized marijuana—no confirmation on if the two are related.

Casey Moore’s Oyster House | Tempe, Arizona
Known as one of the most attractive student bodies in America’s—many of ASU’s attractive ladies will be at Casey Moore’s. We love their massive porch and we also kinda like their ocean vibe in a place not near the ocean. If you can’t go to the ocean then bring the ocean to you. And apparently, it’s haunted, which is cool.

Houndstooth Sports Bar | Tuscaloosa, Alabama
If Nick Saban were to hang out at the Houndstooth, he’d probably say, “All you kids should be studying and working on achieving very specific goals! It’s a process!” Thankfully, the Nictator doesn’t hang out there and people can enjoy this spot about two blocks from the stadium. And since Bammy beats the hell out of everyone…every week…what’s the point of going to the game? Just go hang at the Houndstooth and pound beers.

Growler U | Eugene, Oregon
Nike everything and everywhere in the land of Phil Knight. The pub style Growler is one of our favorites on the west coast. Beers cost about two bucks and they have like a million beers to choose from.

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