In our youth, Father’s Day was about spending the day with dad and doing something together. Whether that be building, working on some project or spending the day out on the baseball field, all that he could ask for was time with you. Now we are much older and it’s time that the old man gets something truly badass to trick out his supply of Dad stuff. There are hundreds of gifts for the partier that will make his home the spot to be, and if he is a more leisurely fellow, there is plenty of tech and other epic stuff to bring his man cave into the 21st century. The former athlete in him is begging for something to do or see and there are a number of geezer sports that can fill his void. As our dad’s get older, they may expect less but they sure as hell have earned the top of the line gifts, so let’s give them a few.

Trinity TXK-0802 Cooler
Every party dad has a top-notch cooling station for all of life’s beverages and the Trinity TXK cooler is the best of the best. This stainless-steel chiller has 20 gallons of storage space that can fit up to 96 cans! Coming in at a light 36 lbs., this cooler also features a bottle opener and cap catcher that comes attached to the side. No more breaking teeth trying to impress the ladies at the party. To top it all off, the cooler has two access lids that can be used simultaneously for more beer selection, but also allow the cooler to keep more cold air in when diving in for a frosty beverage.

Vivere Double Hammock
For the old man who’s retired, I’m sure he looks forward to some relaxing outside after all the traveling he will do with his lady. There’s no better way to relax than with a Vivere hammock. These hammocks come in a variety of colors and sizes but the best bang for your buck comes with the Double. If your dad is a selfish napper, he will have all kinds of room in the Vivere double to spread out and rest in peace. If not, he can re-swoon his lady as they rest in the cotton swing made for two. Either way, you can’t go wrong with buying your old man some relaxation.

MVMT Maverick
Alessandro Manfredini has some of the best swagger for the elderly community and looks like a total bada** to boot. If you want to push your dad in the right direction in the swagger department, you can’t go wrong with the MVMT Maverick sport watch. Water resistant up to 100 meters, this watch will go with you on any adventure you can conjure up. The sleek accessory comes in a brushed gunmetal stainless steel finish that also has some variety with MVMT’s band selection. Pick a face and swap out any compatible band to make dad’s watch one of a kind.

DJI Spark
Drones are the best adult toy anyone can own. For the bored father in your life, help him perfect his amateur pilot and camera skills with the DJI Spark. This compact drone contains some of the best technology out there that includes object tracking, GPS tracking for landing and has a 1.2-mile transmission range. One of the most unique features of the drone is its gesture control feature which requires no remote or device. Hold up your hand to the drone to make it stop in place and hover, or create a frame with your hands for the drone to capture the perfect photo. Along with its crazy tech features, the Spark has a 2-axis gimbal which allows for stabilization and some hella smooth shots.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion
Golf requires a very unique set of skills but with a Big Bertha driver, even the less skilled can crush the ball off of the tee. Advertised as Callaway’s most forgiving driver, the Fusion gets its name from the composition of metals that make up the head. A special mixture of carbon and titanium make the perimeter of the head heavier than the face which allows for a more forgiving club. The sleek design of the head allows for a quicker head speed as you rip the club through the air. But wait, there’s more! The Big Bertha Fusion comes with two stock shaft options that cap off the power of the club. Now who doesn’t like a nice shaft?

2017 Sportster SuperLow
If you are looking to splurge a little, you can’t go wrong with a nice bike. I’m not talking about any old bike; your dad wants a mean looking Harley that will bring him to tears. The Sportster SuperLow is the pick of the year with an affordable price and all the Harley staples that make their brand. With its 3.9-inch ground clearance, the SuperLow glides across the asphalt with a sexy look. The chrome dual exhaust system will leave you both blind and deaf as this beast roars past you.

Klipsch Speakers
For years, Klipsch has been in control of the audio industry with its unforgettable craftsmanship and quality of speakers. They got their start in 1946 with the Klipschorn speaker that paved the way for the audio industry. Today, your dad needs a pair of the R15-M bookshelf monitors to sooth his fragile ears. These monitors house 1” aluminum tweeters and a 5.25” IMG (Injection Molded Graphite) woofer that will melt your face off. Give his office some style with their copper and black color scheme and sleek exterior. He’ll be able to drown out all the noisy kids he’s been complaining about while providing some compliment to his interior design.

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