Social media has changed the world forever—some good, some bad. The emergence of the “golf babe” is a byproduct of the social media age. The “golf babe” is an attractive woman with a good golf swing. From time-to-time you will see a hot chick in a tight skirt and heels with a questionable golf swing at TopGolf—she’s obviously poaching for follows and likes. However, there are a few beautiful ladies that can kick your ass on the golf course and be beautiful doing it. Paige Spiranac was all conference at San Diego State University, Blair O'Neal was a two-time NCAA long drive champion while playing four years at Arizona State and Chelsea Pezzola lettered four years at University of Michigan.  

We recently spoke with Chelsea Pezzola and she’s the total package—here are five reasons why you will fall in love.

5. She Will Kick Your Ass in Jeopardy
Pezzola went to University of Michigan, one of the best colleges in America. While playing golf in Ann Arbor, she carried the golf team’s highest GPA and was a Big Ten Academic All-American as a senior.

4. Man (and Woman’s) Best Friend
What do you do if you meet a chick that doesn’t like dogs? Run like hell of course. Pezzola told us that she is holding off on owning a dog right now because she’s traveling too much, and realizes that isn’t fair to the dog. She could have gone the low maintenance cat route, but as we all know—it’s only a matter of time until young cat girl becomes crazy ol’ cat lady.

3. The Girl Can Play
As a four-year member of the University of Michigan golf team, her stroke average was around 80. Keep this in perspective, that means she’s dropping a 72 or 74 in there from time-to-time. She’s a better player now and works on her game daily at home in Arizona. She’s eying the LPGA and hasn’t given up the dream. She competed in the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters last year, she wasn’t happy with her performance, but says the event was an incredible experience. As the great "Rudy" Tomjanovich once said, "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!

2. She Likes Music and Wears Jerseys to Sporting Events
Imagine this for a moment, but there are people that don’t really like music. She likes to cut a rug to rap and country, (we’re going to forget she mentioned Drake). She loves the band Arizona and the house music duo, Gorgon City. Here’s the clincher—she wears jerseys to sporting events and claims to be the perfect combination of girly-girl and a guy’s girl.

1. All that, and Yeah…She’s Smokin’
Chris de Burgh sang it best, “I've never seen you looking so lovely as you did tonight, I've never seen you shine so bright, I've never seen so many men ask you if you wanted to dance, They're looking for a little romance, given half a chance… The lady in red is dancing with me.” We’ve established that she’s smart, good at golf and cool, but it would be absurd to ignore the obvious…what a beautiful smile. ;)

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