GOLF GEAR FOR BALLERS 5 Brands for the Sophisticated Golfer

Most golfers suck and can’t even break 90, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress like a scratch player. The pros stroll the fairway looking like bosses in lizard skin shoes, alligator belts and custom fitted trousers. Through the years there have been a lot of guys that came to the course with a lot of swag: Payne Stewart is immortalized for his knickers, Phil is a legend for those matching shoes and belts and Camilo Villegas changed the game when he went J. Lindeberg. From head to toe and in your bag, here are some brands that will at least make you look like you know what the hell you’re doing—these are five brands for ballers. 

Piretti Copper Cottonwood II Prototype Cost: $950
When you’re talking expensive putters, Scotty Cameron putters typically come to mind, but we’re going more underground. Piretti Putters are custom made in Houston, Texas and their Copper Cottonwood II Prototype will set you back a grand. It’s 365 grams of solid copper and 365 days a year of straight pimping at the golf course. 

Louis Vuitton Golf Bag Cost: $114,000
Few brands are more synonymous with luxury than Louis Vuitton…their golf bag is the ultimate statement. For the cost of a nice house in Lincoln, Nebraska you can lug your clubs around. And while you’re at it, grab a belt too for $4,050. Why stop there? Louis Vuitton golf shirts are only around a thousand. 

Honma Golf's Five Star Set Cost: $75,000
The Japanese are known for quality, particularly in golf. Miura and Mizuno have incredible reputations for making some of the best equipment in the game. However, their fellow Japanese club maker, Honma is the medalist when it comes to extravagance. With 24 karot golf plating, each club costs around $5,500, but it gets better…when you step up and buy the entire set for around $75 large, a bag is included!  

G/FORE USA Longwing Gallivanter Cost: $300
Since you just dropped almost a quarter of a million dollars on clubs and the Louis bag, we’re going to be frugal with the shoes and pick up these fresh kicks from G/FORE for only $300. For the purpose of this article, the good people in England from Gaziano & Girling can customize a pair of golf shoes for over $3,000 a pair so don’t rule out that option. However, even Leffty has been seen wearing G/FORE and that’s good enough for us. 

Matrix Ozik TPHD Shaft Cost: $1,000
Remember when Callaway introduced the Big Bertha and people thought that $300 was insane for one club? Fast forward to today and you can drop a thousand on just the shaft. Aussie golfer Jason Day is known for having these shafts in his driver and woods…three woods in the bag and you’re out $3,000 already. 

Honorable Mentions:

Golf Tee: The House of Gold can send you a 24-karat gold tee for $2,400—you might want to keep an eye on that one.

Private Club Membership: a membership at Liberty National Golf Club starts with an initiation fee of $450,000 and it doesn’t end there asmonthly dues will set you back another $25,000 a year.

Lessons: want to get better? Michael Breed is that know-it-all instructor on Golf Channel and if you want lessons from him it will set you back around $500 an hour. That’s nothing though, if you want to drop some real cheese then call Dave Pelz for $30,000 a day.

Live each day like it's your last and remember that you can't take money to the grave... and when you go to the grave, ask that your $500,000 of golf gear be buried with you. 

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