Sometimes you need to buy the sports car, purchase the giant TV, and drink like a king. In today’s age of connoisseurship, a guy need not limit his drinks to beer, martinis, or shots of whiskey. And sometimes it’s fun to splurge. Here’s a few indulgent drinks that not only taste good, but have a great backstory; they’re perfect for an impressive social media pic!

The Chicago Fire Extinguisher: Something for Mrs. O’ Leary
$15 | Arbella (112 W. Grand Ave)

Scotch, Luxardo Amaro Abano, and smoked Angostura Bitters are mixed in a glass globe and then pumped with smoke from smoldering wine-barrel wood chips. The smoke fills the globe and accentuates the Scotch’s smoky character. The server will uncork the bottle and pour the drink over an oversized cube of crystal clear ice (made in-house) as smoke pours from the glass.

The drink derives its name from the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. The globe-shaped bottles pay homage to the old-school saline-solution filled bottles that were thrown directly into fires.

Hinky Dink: Chipotle Cheers to a Saloon-Owning Alderman
$15 | Green River (259 E. Erie St., 18th Floor)

Belvedere Polish Rye Vodka, Beet, Pistachio, Horseradish, Chipotle, and Lemon

Named after former First Ward Alderman Michael "Hinky Dink" Kenna, who was small in stature but big on influence. He amassed his wealth as a saloon owner, leaving $133,000 in his will towards his own mausoleum. However, his heirs bought him an $85 headstone and blew the rest. You’d think a Chicago politician would know better, right?

The Chicago: It All Began at Fort Dearborn
$15 | Rooftop at LondonHouse Chicago (85 E. Upper Wacker Dr.)

Hennessy cognac, Amontillado sherry, Cointreau, and sparkling wine.

Made by Executive Chef Jacob Verstegen, this salute to Chicago’s sophistication and history is served at on the rooftop bar at the site of Fort Dearborn, where Chicago was born.

The Gold Coast: Admiring Chicago’s Big Shoulders
$16.50 | The Signature Lounge (875 N. Michigan Ave.)

Beefeater gin, Aperol, fresh lemon sour, and ginger ale, garnished with a lemon wheel.

This fresh twist on an Aperol Gin Sour can be enjoyed on the 96th floor of the John Hancock, which not only offers great views of the Gold Coast neighborhood, but 360 degree views of Lake Michigan and the cityscape.

Fuzzy Bullet: Enjoy “Frozen” the Man’s Way, with Rye Whiskey
$14 | I|O Godfrey (127 W Huron St.)

A frozen cocktail consisting of Bulleit rye, blueberry, peach, rosemary, ginger, and lemon.

Admit it. You’ve tasted a girl’s frozen drink and thought, “I wish I could order one.” You don’t. You’re a guy and you don’t want to look weird in the bar. Well, Executive Chef Nate Cayer creates slick-looking cocktails with complex flavors—including with Rye Whiskey—that give men a chance to branch out from the typical dry martinis or other classic “manly drinks.” Try it.

The Godfrey Cocktail: Drink Like a King (and John Malkovich)
$200 | I|O Godfrey (127 W Huron St.)

The coveted Louis XII cognac, Crème de Mûre, and fresh blackberries.

For those that really want to indulge (or seriously impress one’s date), this could be the drink of a lifetime for you. If you don’t know much about Louis XII Cognac, you should see this movie preview about it, directed by none other than John Malkovich.

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