JEREMY'S WISDOM Clarkson's Top 10 Quotes

When it comes to cars, there are only a few men in the world that can be considered the epitome of a gearhead. At the top of this minuscule list is the one and only Jeremy Clarkson. Throughout the years, Clarkson has graced us with his wisdom on BBC’s Top Gear and Amazon’s The Grand Tour, with his co-hosts Richard Hammond and James May. Clarkson has reviewed, driven and crashed some of the top vehicles in the world and it is never a dull moment when he is on screen. Insane wit and adrenaline encompass all of his being and he has checked off more ManScore achievements than we can count. There simply is no one like him, and there are hundreds of worthy quotes that have been spoken from his mouth. Behold ManScore’s top 10.

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