REDEFINING MAINSTREAM GENRES The Albums You Should Be Listening to from 2017

With the take-over culture of mainstream music, every artist seems to have an undying need to incorporate something “poppy” on their albums. It is refreshing to find music that breaks the barriers of those mainstreams lines. So here is a list of five albums from 2017 you will find nothing but diversity, truth, and the dedication to something different within.

A Deeper Understanding | The War On Drugs
Marking their first album with Atlantic Records, The War On Drugs’ fourth record is filled with not-so-subtle hints in melody and lyric as that of the Bob Dylan folk sound we all know and love. Though classified as a rock album, The War On Drugs shys away from the heavy instrumentation that has filled the alternative music world—instead, they shoot for more soft, yet upbeat indie-rock sounds that are reminiscent of albums past. With three years in between this and their last album, The War On Drugs has not missed a beat, providing even deeper understanding of the journey that is their lives.

From A Room: Volume 1 | Chris Stapleton
As a native to Kentucky, Chris Stapleton was never a stranger to country music and burly beards. Starting his career as a professional songwriter, Stapleton paved his way through country music with writing pop-country hits for other artists, such as Luke Bryan and Kenny Chesney. With this being his sophomore album, Stapleton keeps to his Kentucky roots—once again incorporating bluegrass, soul, and southern rock feels in every song. From A Room: Volume 1 is riddled with truth, humor, and the haunting sound of Chris Stapleton’s virile voice.

Bishop Briggs | Bishop Briggs
Speaking of soul, Bishop Briggs’ self-titled freshman album Bishop Briggs has nothing but that. Pouring her music into a new sub-genre known as dark-pop, Bishop Briggs shows off her eclectic background of travel and culture through the shades of hip-hop, electronic beats, and deep, dark vocals that are featured in her six-song album. Her lyrics are anything but ordinary, showcasing her emotions in a way that can only be described as bad a$$—inevitably pulling together this short, yet not-so-sweet, album.

Something to Tell You | HAIM
What can only be described as a tribute to all the good sounds that came out of the 70s, HAIM puts their own retro psychedelic flair on the hybrid R&B/soft-rock sound. Their poetic lyrics that ease into the simplistic side, tell the stories of love and heartache men and women know all too well. With all the gutsy fire power and emotion of Fleetwood Mac, this all girl group accomplishes something totally groovy…just without the men.

Wonderful Wonderful | The Killers
With their first single from this album being “The Man”, it’s quite obvious why it might appear on this list. And just like some men, it pushes many boundaries. Incorporating electronic sounds and heavy keyboards, alongside the mixture of guitar and drums, this album strays away from the well-known feeling of punk-rock we expect from The Killers. With the vocals of Brandon Flowers to never disappoint, this uplifting album exceeds all expectations.

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