What better way to celebrate summer than with a cold beer and throwing burgers on the grill? Don't drink just any beer, though. Let the brilliant brewmasters guide you to beer-vana with big hop flavor and tart citrus flavors. Here's a few beers you should try—while increasing that ManScore—and some of the best burgers to enjoy with them.

Avery The Real Peel IPA with Tangerine
Once hidden from the nation in its taproom, Avery felt inspired by Boulder Colorado's 300 sunny days per year to share this summery brew with everyone year-round. Nothing says summer like citrus fruit and a cold beer, and you can find all of that in The Real Peel IPA. Hoppy, citrusy, quaffable, and mouth-watering juiciness define this Avery selection.

Burger Pairing: Cajun Burger. The hops stand up to the spice, and the juiciness helps refresh!

Coronado Guava Islander IPA
This 21-year old brewery, located on an island near San Diego, knows a few things about the sunshine and vibrant Tropical and Latin American flavors, so it’s no surprise they would create a fantastic IPA that includes a hefty dose of fresh guava puree. It is hard to drink this beer inside; you'll want to kick off your shoes, take a dip in a pool, lay in a hammock, or fire up the grill.

Burger Pairing: Tropical Burger. Mix chopped mango, jalapeño, onions, and red peppers into the beef and wash it down with some Guava IPA.

21st Amendment Brew Free! or Die Blood Orange IPA
Building on the original West Coast IPA, Brew Free! or Die, the 21st thirst-quenching, blood orange version includes all the zing found in a cocktail made at a resort swim-up bar. However, the malt and hops help maintain its true beer identity. The infusion of real blood orange puree is added to the nearly two pounds per barrel of dry hops comprised of Citra, Mosaic, and Chinook. The beer has it all; it’s tart, juicy, bitter, and exceptionally aromatic.

Burger Pairing: Bacon-Cheddar Burger with plenty of pickles. The combination of orange, hops, cheddar, pickles, and bacon provide a flavor explosion!

Dogfish Romantic Chemistry IPA with Mangos, Ginger, and Apricot
Dogfish Head has no fear of making beer that “ain’t like the others.” It’s simple really. Romantic Chemistry is a beer comprised of mangos, apricots, and ginger and then dry-hopped with three varieties of hops. The result is an abundant tropical aroma, fruity flavor at the start, and then a noticeable hoppy finish. The ginger provides an outstanding third note from start to finish—a sublime flavor addition.

Beer Pairing: BBQ Burger. Don’t skimp on the sauce because the smokiness compliments the beer very well. In fact, it’s tremendous.

Sierra Nevada Tropical Torpedo IPA
Sierra has been making good, hoppy beers since the start of the craft-beer revolution, so of course, it’s going to make a stellar tropical version too. The famous Hop Torpedo and its big hop infusion serve as the base of this beer, but then mango, papaya, and passionfruit are added to the party. The beer is rich with flavor and the outstanding, fruity aroma screams, “Summer!”

Burger Pairing: California Burger. Onion Jam, a bit of garlic, applewood bacon, white cheddar, and avocado compliment the hoppiness and tropical fruits making for one great summer meal.

Stone Brewing Tangerine Express IPA
Stone doesn’t do “subtle.” The Citra, Centennial, Sterling, Azacca, and Mosaic hops provide significant hop flavor and abundant perceived bitterness. Stone then adds whole tangerine purée, as well as whole pineapple that plays in the background every so subtly. Stone says it best, “We’re not looking for a sweet concoction to appease the ‘I want my beer to taste like fruit juice’ crowd. This is Stone. We like our IPAs to taste like IPAs. Big, bold and not for kids.”

Burger Pairing: Pepper Jack Jalapeno Burger. Mix jalapeno pepper, garlic, onion into the ground beef. Add pepper jack at the finish. As the cheese melts, pour the beer. Enjoy!

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